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Our new seed priming method
will change the seed industry forever!

An automated process with drying included!
Fast process – ready in 1 – 3 days for most species!
Excellent storability & optimised germination!
Fully ecological


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Cutting-edge innovation from Nelson gets support from major EU programme

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Seed meets Technology
Date: 26/9 - 29/9 - 2017
Location: Zwaagdijk, The Netherlands
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Asian Seed Congress 2017
Date: 14/11 - 16/11 - 2017
Location: Manilla, The Philippines
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Vitalisation is fully ecological and Optigrow® seeds therefore have an interesting potential on an expanding market. Early field emergence, reduced seed dormancy, uniform crops and strong weed competition are additional benefits offered by vitalised seeds.

In this 2 min video we present the Optigrow® Vitaliser 90 Series and the simplicity of the fully automated vitalisation process.

A joint effort of trust

Automated Seed Vitalisation is the result of a joint effort involving Nelson Seed Development, Seed Processing Holland, the Swedish Innovation Agency (VINNOVA), Horizon 2020 and Entreprenörinvest i Sverige AB, The Kamprad Family Foundation (Mr Kamprad is the founder of IKEA).


A new commercial landscape

By finely tuned interaction of air and water, vitalisation brings forth seed properties that are likely to transform the business logic of the seed industry radically. With unsurpassed accuracy, the fully ecological vitalisation process is interrupted just before the radicle is about to penetrate the seed coat. This is one of the key factor behind the unique storability and the rapid, uniform crop emergence offered by vitalised seeds.


Optimal setting for each batch
of seeds

The documentation from vitalising a great variety of seeds automatically is stored and held available in our comprehensive and well-systemised Bank of Experience. Therefore we will always be able to provide the formula for optimal setting of your seed vitalising process – regardless of species variety or country of origin of your seeds!