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See the difference with your own eyes

You could rightfully claim that the Optigrow® technology ultimately is based on simplicity. The process is fully ecological and fully automated.

A controlled interaction of water and air brings out the inherent properties of the seed at their optimal level. The benefits are obvious, multiple and measurable.

If you want to explore the rich spectrum of benefits offered by the new technology, there are basically four options. Please click on the headlines below for more detailed information.


Vitalization test of your own seeds

Can vitalization instead of the priming method presently used boost the potential in your own seeds?

There is one sure way to find out: Let us vitalize them and evaluate them in comparison with a control batch untreated. We also provide you with storability tests.

A hands-on demonstration

You are welcome to see the Optigrow® Vitaliser in action – and in the presence of an expert who will be happy to answer all your questions.

You will marvel at the simplicity and at the many benefits that can be derived from automation.

Vitalization by license in your own premises

With its modest space requirements, the equipment is easily accommodated in most plants. Since drying is included, the entire process can be performed under your own roof – with minimised costs for transport and labour.

Excellent storability in the seeds means that you can avoid treatment during the busiest part of the season. Long shelf-life in the seeds also allows you to extend your market geographically. Finally, you will have the right to use the Optigrow® brand – a major competitive advantage.

Vitalization by Nelson Seed Development

An easy way is to ship your own seeds to our plant and have them vitalized there.

This is an easy way to sample experience of the new technology and to enjoy many of its benefits. You will also have the right to use the Optigrow® brand – a major competitive advantage.

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A unique source of joint expertise!

Nelson Seed Development AB
A leading Swedish seed company and an instrumental force in the technological development within this dynamic field.

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Seed Processing Holland BV
A global leader in manufacturing and engineering of seed processing equipment. This company is the manufacturer of The Optigrow Vitalizer 90® equipment and will also handle the retail dealership as well as service & maintenance globally.

The experts from these two highly specialised companies are always ready to offer you immediate and highly qualified support.